Speedy Turtles Design is the brain child of Shannon Febus, a Graphic Designer turned Web Designer who loves turtles. She created her own business in 2001 and named it Speedy Turtles Design. Following her creative instinct she allowed her imagination to unfold mastering the art of print & web. Years later 2 worlds collided when Shannon met Dennis J. Deevy and found that he held the technicality to her creativity. As ying and yang would have it. The pair was matched in the stars and now creates stunning multimedia marketing materials. Together, their technically & creative minds invite the world to join the Speedy Turtles Empire.


Recent studies have found that more than a third of us now visit websites and view marketing emails on our mobiles and other hand-held devices. That’s a massive audience all wanting to act immediately. The problem is that so many companies still rely on optimising their website or emails for traditional computer screens. Meaning their audience has to scroll in an awkward fashion on their tiny hand-held devices to view your content. Many lose patience with this experience and give up or worse, still visit a competitors website that does offer a mobile friendly website.

Speedy Turtles Design offers all aspects of web design services and graphic design services such as Web Design, Print Media Design, Advertising and Corporate Branding, Graphic and Commercial art services, Corporate Identification design services (logos), Cartoons, Animations and Search Engine Optimization. Our business goal is to become one of the leading web design company in the United States and we will make sure that every website we design conforms to international best practices.

Speedy Turtles Design is a digital agency that understands how important it is for you to see a return on your investment. Partner with us to develop and deploy your campaigns and technology solutions faster and more cost-effectively. We can help you craft brands that connect, plan and execute digital marketing, design engaging websites, develop powerful apps and tell compelling stories. Regardless of size or industry the most important thing we look for in a partner is someone who’s as passionate about success as we are about helping you achieve it.


Meet the Turtles


Shannon A. Febus

Creative Director


Office Mascot

Dennis J Deevy

Head Web Developer • SEO Specialist